The following comments are from Fortune 500 C-Level, SVP, and VP executives, collected in a formal evaluation of my work:

"The individual coaching and development sessions have been extremely helpful to me as I negotiated my way through the first 180 days in my new leadership position. The move to group president was a quantum leap. Guy's individual work helped me formulate a communication strategy so that I was able to clearly articulate my expectations, give my presidents feedback, and [show them] how to get what they needed from me."

"Guy's insight and experience go far beyond individual development. His skill in working with organizations and creating a better and more productive environment is clear. Guy is not a pushover. We have vibrant discussions, and he challenges my thoughts and views. We debate. As a result, the final outcome of these meetings and the plan is something we both clearly agree on and buy into. If I did not feel I could not completely trust Guy in our conversations, his help to me would be limited. I feel that trust. Guy's personal integrity is evident, and I find it a key factor in his success. I am a more efficient and effective executive as a result of my work with Guy."

"Part of his impact is being a sounding board where I can process feelings about things that are going well and things that are frustrating me. It's comforting to have someone in whom you can confide as you take on a challenging promotion like this. He's a marvelous leader and coach."

"I am very high on Guy's contribution to my growth and development. The initial assessment work was valuable. I particularly appreciate Guy's interpretation of the results and the setting of a development plan. As a result of Guy's work, I made very deliberate changes in my group's organization and my work style. He was also most helpful in developing systems that helped the group work together in a more efficient way."

"Guy's use of the analysis he developed, the one-on-one coaching, and my personal business development plan have allowed me to utilize my strengths and skills to be more effective in my day-to-day interactions with my team. This has been a major contribution that has allowed me to maximize the potential of my staff."

"Guy and I worked on developing the boundaries for each of my direct reports. We defined what support they needed from me so that they could more effectively do the job. I believe his work improved not only my effectiveness but the effectiveness of each member of my team. We are running at a much quicker pace as a result."

"Guy's knowledge of our CEO's work style has helped me better meet his needs. We have had an open discussion about the differences in how we work and ways to make the time we have together more productive."

"I find the whole concept of having a professional of Guy's abilities involved in the recruiting process, then continuing on in a relationship after the hiring to be a strong statement about our company's commitment to my success. Everything we do is done first class and with energetic commitment. It's extremely encouraging to have Guy as a resource."

"I view Guy as a true professional and confidant. He is a keen observer of both individual behavior and group dynamics. In group meetings, he is tactical in his commentary when he senses a need to refocus the discussion. He's a good facilitator."

Representative Clients

Atomic Object
BKV Corporation
Children's Hospital Colorado
Clear Channel Outdoor
CSG International
Elevations Credit Union
FINCA International
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Denver
RE/MAX International
Shaw Construction
TCF Bank
Time Warner Cable
Western Union