Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps executives thrive within their current roles and prepare for future opportunities. I like to begin coaching engagements with a comprehensive understanding of the person, developed via in-depth discussions, online assessments, and input from colleagues. This approach yields a rich picture of professional skills, personal qualities, and development needs. I provide in-depth feedback and an outline of development priorities. We align our development priorities with the person or board to whom the executive reports and then engage in detailed development planning. We set clear goals and very specific tactics. Coaching is a candid and fulfilling process that unfolds over months, culminating with an evaluation of progress.

Team Building

There is an art to building synergistic, high-performing teams. The foundation is strengthening familiarity and trust among team members and helping them understand how to work effectively with each other. I work collaboratively with team members to define a team culture they would be proud of and believe essential for their best work. From there, we clarify the team's role and responsibilities and define the meetings and methods by which they can accomplish their work. From a comprehensive start, we then work together to strengthen team cohesiveness and effectiveness over time.

Organization Development

Organization Development is where it all comes together – strategy, goals, leadership, team, culture, and process. Whether we take a broad look at a business from the viewpoint of the senior team or focus on evaluating the effectiveness of a particular department, OD projects produce insights and initiatives that help an organization function more effectively and produce stronger results. The work is collaborative and compelling and aimed at helping leaders understand issues, identify priorities, clarify accountabilities and drive change.

Executive Selection

Executive selection examines the goodness of fit between a candidate (internal or external) and a particular position, team, and organization. The key is to compare business strategy, culture, and position requirements to an in-depth assessment of the candidate's qualities and competencies. The process yields a goodness-of-fit judgment between the candidate and the position. For internal candidates, the process and feedback can be developmental in nature, so they can benefit from the experience. For external candidates, if there is a good fit with the position, the process includes recommendations for development and integration into the team.

Retreats, Workshops, Speaking Engagements

I offer custom services that apply my knowledge and skill in leadership and team development. Whether designing and facilitating an executive retreat, leading a team-building workshop, or serving as a keynote speaker or panel expert, my aim is to bring forth my experience in an enjoyable, compelling manner that fosters positive change.

My Work

I focus on the individual and collective effectiveness of executive leaders, helping them thrive in their roles and build strong teams and organizations.